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Kulshan College was created for the study of sustainable healing and spiritual progress. We emphasize learning through doing the work in a supervised environment, rather than an academic, book learning approach. We provide healing services to the community as a spiritual practice. Kulshan College is a 501c(3) non profit organization, and is the only place in the world where people can learn and receive Tao Fawu Qigong and Shengong. Tao Fawu is a current evolution of the deepest of Chinese and other traditional medical practices. We cultivate an understanding of a philosophy that underlies all of life, teaching students to heal illness at its source. Kulshan College is currently hiring a mindful Grant Writer to join our staff.

Based on the monastic culture tradition, honor is given at Kulshan College to acknowledge virtue and merit. The willingness and ability to help others is highly valued. Progress is demonstrated by treating clients in our labs and clinics, taking on responsibility for the day-to-day operations of Kulshan College, and a genuine spirit of generosity and compassion towards others within and outside of our community.

As part of our community, one can choose to follow mindful monastic protocol and begin learning simple but not well known truths about health and healing on an individual basis. The body will not heal without a healthy lifestyle and so we must each choose to examine our lives and make changes to become healthy in a way that suits each of us as individuals. The Monastic tradition offers a way to practice healthy living on all levels, with the support of like-minded others. As a community, the Tao Fawu Monastery is committed to sharing truth and we counteract the greed and hypocrisy of the American Medical system by offering free health care to all. We are against profiteering and exploiting the suffering of the people. Our basic classes are reasonably priced and open to anyone.

One of our favorite current projects is the Kulshan College School Band! We have a surprising amount of music talent amongst our qigong students. We are challenging ourselves to dust off our neglected instruments as well as learn new instruments and learn to sing or improve our singing. You might find us busking at Bellingham Farmers Market or elsewhere. We are open to new gigs.

We now offer On Call Dual Lab appointments for our clients in Bellingham. Treatment is given by advanced students only. Cost is $80 for a 50 minute appointment. Appointments are available every day but Wednesdays and Saturdays. Earliest appointment is 9am and latest appointment is 7pm. This lab is designed to serve clients who wish to be seen before or at a different time than the next available appointment in our free and low-cost labs and clinics. Please give at least 24 hours notice to schedule an appointment with the On Call Dual Lab. Email Kate Johnson Kiefer, the Lab Coordinator, to book an appointment. Cash preferred.

Kulshan College Maintenance Crew is hard at work in our community. The Crew offers mindful work-for-hire in Whatcom County. We offer skillful labor in yardwork, housecleaning, gardening, tree pruning, painting, goat rental, chopping wood, small moving projects, childcare, and more. Student workers currently charge $15/hour per person. Please contact Kate Johnson Kiefer, the Crew Manager, to hire our mindful students for your project, large or small. Quality work is our goal.

Though we have the same financial needs as others in our culture, we place a higher value on the intangible and sustainable joys in life. We want the benefits that you can "take with you." Kulshan College of Intuitive Medicine is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that gratefully accepts donations to further our work of offering free treatment, including travel to offer our services outside of our immediate geographic area. We also apply donations to our scholarship fund. We sell our logo merch at cost.

We welcome everyone to join our social network on Kulshan College Facebook and Google+. We also welcome people in our local area (Seattle and Bellingham, Washington, USA) to come in for free diagnosis and treatment in our labs, and low cost combined diagnosis and treatment in our Allergy Clinic and Brain Clinic. You are welcome to take basic classes without making any other commitment. You do not need to have a medical condition to better your health and understanding. We do not offer a Western medical diagnosis or practice mainstream Western medicine. We share our observations and practice an evolved version of Chinese medical diagnosis. Our treatment method is Tao Fawu medical qigong and shengong, a gentle, hands-off form of evolved traditional healing.

For more information, please visit our founder's videoblog.

Please email kulshancollege@gmail.com to be added to or removed from our email mailing list.

Tao Fawu and Kulshan College are Trademarks, since 2003.
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