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Beginning in the summer of 2020, Kulshan College initiated a pilot program of homeschooling our monastic youth at the Tao Fawu Monastic Farm. Working with their parents, we devised ways of educating the youth outdoors and in our big, open barn. We only invited youth with a proven track record of wearing masks and maintaining distance from those outside their household. Our program was such a success that we have extended it indefinitely. Some of our subjects include Shintaido Bojutsu--a martial art, advanced tree and rope skills with harnesses, zip line procedure, knot tying, care of our goats and chickens, music, languages, writing, saying thank you in many languages, basics of dance and rhythm, arborism, EVs (electric vehicles), tools, ritual objects, human anatomy, how to write up and follow procedures exactly, sustainability, reading, history, math, entomology, botany, psychology, sociology, and culture. We are big on culture. Our program is called Kulshan Youth Education Program (KYEP). We are excited about the possibilities of sharing knowledge and having fun outdoors, and indoors as much as safety allows.

photo of KYEP rope and tree skills class

We are not currently offering classes, labs, or clinics for adults or for youth outside of our community. Please note: The medicine taught at Kulshan College of Intuitive Medicine requires no physical contact, is easily practiced from a distance of 6 feet from a client and while wearing a mask, and is practiced in an outdoor setting whenever feasible. We have long been preparing for the inevitability of epidemic and our protocols have been in place for decades. Potential students who are grateful for the safety of rules and protocols are invited to get in touch via kulshancollege@gmail.com. Also please note: We have always stood against bigotry. All are welcome unless they make themselves unwelcome through their behavior. We have taken action on a consistent basis to build bridges, destroy bigotry, and offer our services to anyone who wants them, no matter who they are. We plan to continue to do so to maximum capacity our rescources allow.

Kulshan College was created for the study of sustainable healing and spiritual progress. We emphasize learning through doing the work in a supervised environment, rather than an academic approach that does not directly apply the learning in the world. We are learning how to be healthy in a sick world and part of that means helping others. We provide healing services to the community as a spiritual practice. Kulshan College is a 501c(3) non profit organization, and is the only place in the world where people can learn to practice and be treated with Tao Fawu Qigong and Shengong. Tao Fawu is a contemporary evolution of the deepest of Chinese and other traditional medical practices, with the purpose of furthering human evolution as well as furthering the globalization of traditional Chinese medicine. We cultivate an understanding of a philosophy that underlies all of life, teaching students to heal illness at its source.

For the past three years we have been hard at work transforming a small farm on Sumas Mountain, near Nooksack, into a Monastery. The Tao Fawu Monastic Farm is in the far north region of Washington State, outside of Bellingham and on the way towards Mount Baker, aka Komo Kulshan, the mountain our school was named for. We are developing classroom space, an office, a music room, a children's area, a library, and dorm rooms for monks / nuns (nunks?) and visitors. We have a barn, a chicken coop, a greenhouse, an arbor, a pasture, a studio, a meditation room, a sky loft, a zipline, a rope web treehouse, walking paths, an enclosed garden, and goat pens. We serve organic, vegetarian meals daily, and are developing protocols for a monastic lifestyle open to all. We currently welcome visitors by appointment and to the outdoor portion of our grounds only. (Email address below) We are an interfaith organization and take our inclusivity commitments seriously. Since we are a non-profit 501c(3), we always welcome charitable donations as well as labor contributions. Inquire if you would like to come do chores with us. Our evening goat herding protocol is especially popular! Our neighbors love seeing us out with the goats. We offer our thanks to Sherwood Pidcock especially, for helping make our dream of a home come true, and to Emma and Eli Kiefer for hard work on daily farm maintenance. Thank you!

True to the monastic tradition, honor is given at Kulshan College to acknowledge virtue and merit. The willingness and ability to contribute in a community-minded way and help others is highly valued. Progress has historically been demonstrated by treating clients in our labs and clinics, taking on responsibility for the day-to-day operations of Kulshan College, and a genuine spirit of generosity and compassion towards others within and outside of our community. The Tao Fawu Monastery is the core of Kulshan College, where we cultivate sustainability, independence from mainstream culture, and practice together daily.

How we live our lives is more important that what we say, what we post in social media, or what medicine we seek. The Monastic tradition offers a way to practice healthy living on all levels.

Though we have the same financial needs as others in our culture, our stated values focus primarily on the intangible and sustainable joys in life, the ones that continue beyond this life and ourselves. Kulshan College of Intuitive Medicine is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that gratefully accepts donations to further our work of creating the most sustainable life possible at our farm, offering free treatment, including travel to offer our services outside of our immediate geographic area. We also apply donations to our scholarship fund.

We welcome you to join our social network on Kulshan College Facebook and Google+. We do not offer a Western medical diagnosis or practice conventional Western medicine. We share our observations and practice an evolved version of Chinese medical diagnosis. Our treatment method is Tao Fawu medical qigong and shengong, a gentle, hands-off form of evolved traditional healing.

For more information, please visit our founder's videoblog.

Please email kulshancollege@gmail.com to be added to or removed from our email mailing list.

Tao Fawu and Kulshan College are Trademarks, since 2003.
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